Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I didn't try the homemade beer marshmallows, but I fed their terrier a hunk of cheese...

No longer being social Sally, I reluctantly went to a cousin's house for Christmas since my 96 year old aunt (my mom's sister-in-law) would be in attendance.  I had previously promised her I would sit next to her at Christmas dinner if she was up to coming.  Insanity has a funny way of keeping promises unkept.  I wanted to keep this one.

Thankfully schizophrenia did not wreak havoc on the day.  Much.  I hugged my aunt and I kissed her (two things I no longer like doing, but she does).  She ate a lot, told stories, & held my hand on & off. I pushed my wouldn't it be great to live in New Mexico near[read:WITH] your daughter line as far as she'd let me.  She seemed warmer to the idea than she was a few years ago.  The idea.  The actuality? She keeps telling her daughter  NO.

She didn't really even want to come out for Christmas - 30 minutes away, with my cousin as chauffeur - but he told her "If you don't come, Mary won't come."  True.  She did.  I did.  I'm glad I went, & she seemed to be, too.   

Now, New Mexico...  maybe we will work on that some more at Easter.