Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Unless You Own a Restaurant, Please Don't Buy THAT Much Creamy Italian Salad Dressing.

Fat Tuesday Ruminations....

As a solitary, short(5ft-3), 113 pound woman who is on medication with a potential for weight gain, I cruise right past the Family Size & Bulk Club items in my food store. New to the area in the summer, my first visit to the store I encountered Food of the Gods size barrels of cheese puffs & "healthy" popcorn in the Family/Bulk section.  I laughed my way down the next aisle. 

Recently, I discovered that they sell my expensive, usually purchased at GNC, Quest protein bars at a bulk discount. Way too many of one flavor, & truly not much of a discount it turned out, but I explored to see what else they might have of interest to me. 

Nothing. The bulk toilet paper & paper towels were actually the same price except for the 1 ply. I've never seen a fridge with a 1 gallon bottle of 5% fruit juice- fruit punch; maybe preschools buy them. Some products were more money than I spend, but were name brands that are much more recognizable than the ones I use. In fact, most of the things were not very reasonable, & the calorie/carb contents on many were horrific.  

A 3/4 cup serving of cereal with 24 grams(6 teaspoons)of sugar should be labeled Sugar Cereal, not have a sports figure on it & be purchased in bulk.  The trail mix was the size of my torso with salted, high fat nuts, extra oils?, & lots of visible pieces of chocolate coated lumps - labeled nature something or other.  What food is naturally chocolate coated & whose family should be eating pounds of it at a time?

I will cop to occasionally eating Smuckers Reduced Fat Peanut Butter, which is still relatively high in fat, with a spoon(mostly I eat it stirred into oatmeal), but it has 0 cholesterol, & 2 grams of sugar a serving.  It is 3 bucks in the regular aisle.  I'll be sticking with that, & staying out of Bulk/Family size.  Maybe some families should be staying out of there, too.

Oh. You do not, DO NOT, want to know the fat/cholesterol/ carb/sodium values on the Family size nacho cheese dip, which of course should be paired with a 3 lb Family size bag(or 48 bulk single serve)of nachos.

Do you buy bulk or family size items?  Do you forgo certain products after reading their labels?