Thursday, January 26, 2017

If You're Tired of Arguing with Strangers on the Internet..... ~Barack Obama

None of you are stranger than me.

A comment from me-at this point in my life-is never meant argumentatively.  Years back I could expostulate with desire & vigor. If truth spoken,once in a while, I'd also bitch someone down.  I no longer have the desire to use up my catch-as-catch-can lesser energies on that any longer.  I may not get your point.  I may not agree with your point. BUT I never go to your comment section to argue a point.  If I want argument(which it so happens I no longer do), my schizophrenic mind argues with itself & admonishes me in painstaking detail frequently.

Now I like AS PEOPLE those who I read.  Only criteria. Some of you are far from me religiously. I'm an atheist, but I do worship Deer whenever I am lucky enough to see them. Some are far politically. I'm a Libertarian who has voted mostly Republican, but I also greatly admire Jimmy Carter, Barney Frank, &(loved)Tip O'Neill. And some of you are of higher- at times confusingly so- intellect.  Mark O., you are the trifecta ;). None of this constitutes a problem for me because kindly read the first sentence of this paragraph again. 

My list of Not Worth It has grown exponentially with schizophrenia.  I've unkept much from my past that I should not have, but I do value what I have kept more.  You are worth it.  Thank you for sharing your (sometimes counter)viewpoints, thoughts, & your lives with me.