Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I didn't try the homemade beer marshmallows, but I fed their terrier a hunk of cheese...

No longer being social Sally, I reluctantly went to a cousin's house for Christmas since my 96 year old aunt (my mom's sister-in-law) would be in attendance.  I had previously promised her I would sit next to her at Christmas dinner if she was up to coming.  Insanity has a funny way of keeping promises unkept.  I wanted to keep this one.

Thankfully schizophrenia did not wreak havoc on the day.  Much.  I hugged my aunt and I kissed her (two things I no longer like doing, but she does).  She ate a lot, told stories, & held my hand on & off. I pushed my wouldn't it be great to live in New Mexico near[read:WITH] your daughter line as far as she'd let me.  She seemed warmer to the idea than she was a few years ago.  The idea.  The actuality? She keeps telling her daughter  NO.

She didn't really even want to come out for Christmas - 30 minutes away, with my cousin as chauffeur - but he told her "If you don't come, Mary won't come."  True.  She did.  I did.  I'm glad I went, & she seemed to be, too.   

Now, New Mexico...  maybe we will work on that some more at Easter.


  1. so aunt 96 is still solo? that's remarkable but i hear you, the odds are starting to stack up that she may not be as able to manage as well by herself.

    be well and as always thank you for being you,


  2. At 96, your aunt still seems to be quite a character. Hope she'll be around for her centenary.

  3. She isn't going anywhere until they haul her away in some fashion. Not at that age.

  4. Oh my, New Mexico sounds lovely. (and beer marshmallows slightly odd) I've lived on Colorado's mountain peaks, in the jungles of Guatemala, and now the greenhouse of Pennsylvania. I've always dreamed of a clay house with desert sunrises and lizards for company. Your aunt should visit my dreams....

  5. Oh wow! That is so wonderful that you got to spend that time with her. Ninety-six and still on her own? I think I agree with Donna above -- she's not going anywhere.