Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving ~The winging it post.

So things have maybe not been so great lately, but I get help from unexpected places. I don't have any sort of entry prepared in my head, but I did not want Thanksgiving to go by without thanking the bloggers I have been regularly reading.

My connection to anything can be overly fragile because my suspicions loom at some of the worst times. Except when exactly is a good time for suspicions to loom? (if anyone knows this answer please overnight mail it to me in exquisite detail & I will gladly pay postage)

Reading your blogs, I do feel a connection, perhaps because I've chosen to read the people I knew before I felt things go so very wrong with my schizophrenia.  I care about you.  I can't care in the exact same way as I did before because I am so very different now. But you MATTER.  That mattering does more for me than for you, since I so need something real & good that matters in my life.
Simply to me you are real & you are good(mostly, hey, not all the damn time).

I wish you peace  & love  & health  & family  & great pumpkin pie in the just right amounts to meet your wants, & even more so to meet your needs.