Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sharing a mental war of attrition.

I've worked at  keeping friendships(albeit, on & off due to our disorder) with 2 schizophrenics.  They wouldn't be offended by worked at since I'm pretty sure it is the same for them.

Having long ago thrown counterfeit social-politeness to the wind, while walking with one of them, I told him that I am both captivated-attracted to and repulsed by his day-to-day-life, thoughts, & behaviors. Some of it mirrors the worst of my life. Some(He hears many sinister voices,constantly. Though abusive, I hear just one distinct, conflicting/mocking voice intermittently now)may be a preemptive warning as to what is in store for me.  

English being his second language he at first did not understand what I meant. Upon further explanation, he breathed a huge sigh of relief it seemed. ?? Ok...  

"Yes, Yes.  As for me, too," he said.

Then we laughingly decided we'd had the basics of this discussion before; we agreed it beared repeating.

True understanding.