Friday, August 5, 2016

Gorillas Are Dangerous and Should Not Be Closely Approached

A sign in Uganda by a  sanctuary in the 1960s.  Judging by all the gorillas that were captured or poached there, the sign should have read: People Are Dangerous.  Run Like Hell When They Approach.

I'm of the mind that the average gorilla has a much better handle on her life than the average human does on hers.  If I had a gorilla helping me, I might be able to deal with the behind-the-scenes working of a simple blog, but alas, I do not.

Thank you so much for all of your comments.  I have not really missed Internet access, but I have missed many bloggers.

As I've mentioned,  I am doing this at the library, with a limited time frame - which is all I can handle now anyway. Never a computer whiz, I've become alarmingly techno-backward since my disorder.

If I comment on your blogs & you reply to the comment, could you please email me with the reply if it is not a bother? Except for Mark's, I am not receiving comments on my blog or follow-up comments on anyone else's(when I check Notify Me) in my gmail.

 If I haven't visited you I can assure you it is because I can't find your blog.  Please either leave a link or email it to  I do seem to be receiving emails if they are not part of a blog, but some are winding up in spam.  Got all that?  Sorry.

I just know that if I was a gorilla, I'd be napping right now....


  1. You were always so kind to me. I was never part of the popular group in j land but you always made me feel special. Great to see you. That's my blog

  2. I realize that we used to have long exchanges in the blog comments back in the day. We still do engage - but it occurs almost entirely on Facebook! Can we entice you to join? (You used to not reveal your name - but I see now you do. So perhaps you'd be cool with it.)
    It's true that it's not quite as substantial as blogfollowing and writing in many ways, but you also can cover a lot more territory and follow the lives of a lot more people.

  3. Less is more to me right now, but less w/o being too little. If that makes any sense. Reconnecting with 13 or so past bloggers, great! 327 friends on FB-like the girl with the shiniest hair from Catholic grammar school who finds me by accident-not so much. Especially if she updates 3 times a day & has 5 children. Anxiety & paranoid-overload comes much too easily for me with schizophrenia.

  4. I agree with you on what the sign should have read...we are the most dangerous of all

  5. Doesn't take much to fall behind in techology, it changes so fast. It can be frustrating.

  6. Welcome back!


  7. Just to let everyone know...I am getting the comments on my blog & f/u comments on other blogs in my email now. Thank you to everyone who emailed me separately when I was not.