Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Overheard(& seen) in Asbury Park :

Velour tracksuit woman(they still sell those?): I used to describe my husband by saying Actually, he often reminds people of Bruce Jenner.  He just asked me to stop doing that. 

Paint brush in back pocket of Jurassic pants
guy: I'm taking 5 medications, & 3 of them are just to deal with you.

2 cell phone Big Mac eater: I need a personal assistant rather than an inevitable 3rd x-husband. 

Too tight fancy suit gorgeous man: My wife said I shouldn't say anything negative about marriage until after you've been married a while, but your wedding is over 6 months away & I have so much to share.

Effervescent older woman:  (LONG CUTE STORY) And then I kissed everyone, the servers too, & went home to bed with the cats.

(Me) I think I'm starting to understand I belong right here in Asbury :).


  1. It sounds like a charming day!

  2. Thank you for sharing these!! I had my first good chuckle of the day.

    1. Off topic: Happy 30th Anniversary to you & Thomas!

    2. Oh wow! Just saw this. Thank you!!

  3. Oh my God, I might have to steal these for a screenplay. So funny!

  4. Observing the wildlife becomes richer as our own stories vary from the original sceenplay, don't they? I think I vicariously adore Asbury...

  5. There is a flourishing art community here. Asbury Park would adore you back.